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RaM Colosseum – the Capital’s First Experience Theatre has pleased more than 95,000 spectators with its unique, audience-friendly programme policy since its opening in April. The opening of the house proves that the Capital has needed a public theatre which steers away from the closed generic profiles, where the world of dance, prose, classical music and circus can appear as a mutually reinforcing genre, along with  many, many other VALUES and EXPERIENCES! 

The 2011/2012 theatre season in addition to ExperiDance productions, will also offer and continuously run countless local and worldwide hit shows. Our programme policy remains the same as our spectators receive high-standard stage productions regardless of their profile that are easy to understand and to cherish. Therefore the only decision-making cue for the audience becomes the question: is there still availability for tonight’s event that runs at our theatre that evening? And if all this weren’t enough, the fine cuisine of the pleasant RaMpArt Restaurant and Cafe can forge the evening into a unified EXPERIENCE BOMB.

A Place To Experience! 

Based on 10 years of professional experience in the field of entertainment and show business, we believe we can achieve what we believe to be the ultimate in theatre experience. The Capital has been awaiting a venue offering experiences for an international audience seeking a premises which can live up to the expectations of local and international guests alike. The audience will be fond of  the place, for its high standard is only to render a service of top quality.

The theatre itself will exude the highest level of quality and professionalism with an attention to detail regarding services and up to date technical advances. Our intention is to give our guests a rewarding and memorable experience. We hope that our audiences, the theatre community and event organizers will love and welcome this venue. On the 15th of April 2011 the multifunctional theatre and event hall, RaM COLOSSEUM opened its doors in the heart of Budapest. In order to guarantee the professional functioning that the 21st century requires we will strive to cultivate all of the necessary human and technical resources. SPACE FOR PLEASURE IN THE NEW SEASON – BE PART OF THE EXPERIENCE!

Our introducing video (2012):

RaM Colosseum: Zene (music), tánc (dance), musical, mese (tale), ÉLMÉNY (EXPERIENCE).

RaM Colosseum:

Address: 1133 Budapest, Kárpát street 23.
Telephone/fax: 00-36-1-222-5253
Mobile number: 00-36-20-222-5212
E-mail: ram@experidance.hu


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